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    • There is(are), have no...的用法

      ...的「We just don't have enough spooks and secret agents to make sure that our country is as safe as it could be.」外, 用第一種句型,可以造成: There are...

    • 【英文口試】請以約2分鐘之英文內容回答下列問題

      ...time, what can you do make a good impression?   Be on time, make sure that I dress properly, talk in a good manner...drug-seller, but I still feel bad...   That was such an inappropriate question.   這個經驗是...

    • 幫我改一下句子

      7. Please make sure that we are already to bid. I don't want any surprises in...quite good. 10. You can't image how annoying it is to deal with customers. Sometimes I...