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    • 中翻英:"蛇鼠一窩"和"狼狽為奸"

      ...) also hand and glove (American) If one person or organization is working hand in glove with another, they are working together, often to do something dishonest ...

    • 請問有關餐飲衛生安全的英文

      ... shown in the right hands, or mark (and) disinfection. Work, spit, blow your..., it should be washed, should wear waterproof gloves, disinfection of, or to wash...

    • 麻煩英文高手幫我英翻中~超急!

      但願不會被網管刪了. 翻譯: 最終我抵達多福(Dover),經由詢問鎮上的人找到貝琪-特洛伍德(Betsey Trotwood)住的地方,她的家是一個有著滿滿各式香花的花園的乾淨小農舍.站在如此讓人感到愉快又維護的這麼好的房子前面,我感到有點尷尬,因為此刻我看起是如此...