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  1. be (or go) on the lash

    • be engaged in (or go on) a heavy drinking session
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    • 請問有沒有人可以將這幾篇文章翻譯中文

      ... wind and heavy rain lashed me, and I quickly closed the window. 強烈的風夾雜著...people and vehicles on the streets, a...這裡與那裡。  It was then that I ...

    • 英文文章─Describing people

      ... colour is their hair? 2...have long, thick, curly lashes, or are they sparse...short? 3. Nose: The person's nose can... cupid's-bow on top very defined...

    • 轉學考英文考古題~!

      1. (B) striked ( 2. (D) cause 3. (B) breaking 4. (B) link 5. (B) thousand 6. (A) pace 7. (C) career 8. (A) consequently 9. (B) is going to buy 10. (C) in case 11. (A) that