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    • 有人可以將以下句子翻成中文嗎?(希臘神話故事Promethe

      ...this, none of the gods dared to say a word in defense of mankind.身為泰坦族人的波米修斯  是從地球中自己... Prometheus, the Titan, who was earth-born himself, and loved these ...

    • BBC 英倫網-文法問題

      ... function is used as a subject complement (主語補語). This kind of sentence pattern is like: The old man seemed...about this: head of household department of defense college of engineering ... 2013...

    • 請幫忙翻譯,英翻中,國貿及會計範圍

      ... documents shall be confidential, except to the extent disclosure may be required in the enforcement or defense of a claim rising out of this agreement. 所有文件都須保密, 除非在主張或防禦一個...