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    • 幫忙修改文法錯誤,我問發超爛!

      ... to any religion and do not [L7] believe in anything. As they are not [G7]a follower of any religion, they feel that it is ok not to have a partner for life [L8...

    • 英文訂正20點!!!!!!!! grammar errors

      ...and) (the) mom is going (mad) when she sees her daughter (is 去除) lost her mind (to become) a follower of Evie. 2008-10-02 07:55:28 補充: 去除說明文字 Those are...

    • 一些英文句子的文法

      ...a dynamic person"是同義字 02. Do you like to take charge,or are you more of a follower? 你喜歡掌控一切,或是你更喜歡當個追隨者呢? 這句型其實並不複雜 "more...