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    be able to take it

    • ph.
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    • 請教各位大大獨立分詞構句的用法? 贈15分

      ...代名詞與所有格, 但分詞片語允許先出現代名詞與所有格. 主詞不同→ We being able to take its advantages, cell phone is not without its defects though...

    • 請問一個英文句子

      ...怎麼做出決定 也說明這事情是對你來說如何如何~ 若去掉也不會有太大的改變~ It took a long time to be able to choose my own hairstyle. 我花了很久的時間才決定我的髮型 若要去掉則...

    • 急 中翻英 拒絕翻譯軟體 available to thirty-two million people now without it. People will be able to buy private policies through marketplaces... immigrants will not be able to take part. 總之,這計劃旨在使之前沒有醫療保險保障...