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    be accustomed to

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    • 2個英文的句子不太懂.請大家幫幫忙

      大大你好 解答如下 這牽涉到 be accustomed to 和 get used to的用法差別,分述...cavalier 大師 我一開始也覺得We are gradually getting used to this climate. 才是對的 但看版大的...

    • 關於USED TO的用法

      be used to + N/ving 是習慣了...= be accustomed to + N/ Ving 例: I am used to the hot weather here...

    • 英文文法 used to vs. be used to

      ...過的事, be used to + Ving=be accustomed to + Ving,或be familiar with + Ving...2008-05-02 02:31:49 補充: I am accustomed to living in a city.