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  1. be adept at

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    • 1. 善於 She was adept at playing tennis. 她擅長打網球。



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      ...變成沒有動詞。 2010-05-30 18:44:14 補充: Dale Carnegie, (who was) so adept at expressing his various thoughts in a series of best...

    • 英文文法關代in which的問題 與not at all not ill at all.=他一點病也沒有。 He is not at all ill.=他沒有什麼病。 Do you believe it at...20:10 補充: ...intelligence machines become so adept at improving and replicating ...

    • (英翻中)請翻譯一些個人特質的英文

      I am a sprightly, generous, careful and responsible man/woman, especially being adept at mediation and comunication with people. 我是一個活潑開朗、大方、細心且負責的男...