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  1. be adept in

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    • 1. 善於 She was adept in playing tennis. 她擅長打網球。



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      ... as a way to practice your Chinese, you should know you are already very adept in this language. I will be celebrating my 20th birthday on ...

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      ...視野 = expand one's horizons be skilled in = be good at ( 你也可以改成be adept inbe adroit in ) 都可以翻譯為"擅長於" 那再來 本篇文章豋場人物...

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      ...變成沒有動詞。 2010-05-30 18:44:14 補充: Dale Carnegie, (who was) so adept at expressing his various thoughts in a series of best sellers 是一個名詞及其同位格的形容詞子句...