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    be afraid for

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    • <英文>形容詞的介係詞 afraid by taking this job since we already set ourselves totally ready. i am so afraid for doing the presentation next week. she's afraid at this moment because she finally ...

    • 英文口試句子,中文翻譯(切勿翻譯機)

      ...39;m afraid my father, because he ferocious 我怕我爸爸,因為他很兇 I am afraid of myself for my temper is as bad as my father's. 5.Describe you...

    • as,because,差別

      ...帶出的從屬子句其資訊不如主要子句重要。) I took my umbrella, for I was afraid it would rain. (for是對等連接詞,兩子句的資訊同樣重要) He was...