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    be modeled after

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    • ph. 很需要,吃香,受歡迎

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    • ph. 臨摹…

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    • ph. 依照…式樣仿製,模仿…

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    • ph. 急想找到…

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    • ph. 渴望,一心想…

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    • ph. 對…著迷,狂熱地迷戀…

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    • ph. 事後聰明

    • We don't pay our financial analysts to be wise after the event! 我們花錢請產務分析家不是讓他們當事後諸葛亮!

    • ph. 【口】企圖傷害或凌辱某人(尤指作為懲罰或報復者)

    • I was late for work again this morning -- my boss is after for my blood. 今早我上班又遲到了--老板要找我麻煩了。

    • ph. 畢竟我們的觀點相距不遠

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    • you are after 的義思?

      ...could be either of the first two.Also, since the word "depend" is an intransitive verb, it should have a preposition after it if it's not placed at the end of a sentence. We can use either...

    • 請幫我造句(英文形容詞) after 在~之後 We were tired...journey. (長途旅行後我們感到很疲勞。) fond of 喜歡~/愛好~ I am...你應該更加注意健康。) │ = of │ famous for 有名的~ Kaohsiung...

    • 介系詞片語可以當主詞??

      After the meeting is the time to visit. 介系詞片語是不能當主詞的(因為...這樣才完整:The time of the meeting is after dinner.這句的after dinner是介系詞片語.不是名詞片語...