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    be agreeable with

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    • Essay格式 - 請幫我檢查文法與修改

      ...quot;文字". 譬如: It is very important to associate with an agreeable girl. 我想您要表達的是: 跟合適...避免重複"是指: It is very important [to associate with an agreeable girl]. If you [associate with...

    • 請問every feature是什麼意思?

      ...of entire silence between them, John Knightley began with— "I never in my life saw a man more intent on being agreeable than Mr. Elton. It is downright labour to...

    • 商業書信! 幫我看一下這樣的語氣可以嗎

      ...that we are unable to send you the sample on 2nd of July, however if you are agreeable with the advance 30% down payment then would get the sample send to you in August...