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    • 請問這句話怎麼翻比較好?

      >芭芭拉已經幫你都準備好了麼? be all set (for sth/to do sth); be set for sth/to do sth be ready...活動,所以set up本身就有arrange, prepare的意思 因此這裡all set 本來是一種口語化的表達方式,加上一個up,我想也...

    • 麻煩幫我翻譯成英文(急)

      These applications are all set. However, the bank needs the the original document, not the scanned file. Would you please send me the progenitor?

    • 鬼故事翻譯英文

      ...mountain. Among the members, there was a couple. When they were all set up and ready to climb the mountain, suddenly the weather turned bad, but the group...