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    • 請問以下的英文文法填空,該如何說明正確答案?

      1. ______in large quantities is not necessarily an indication of its quality. (A) A our department _____ this year. (A)are terminated (B)terminate (C...

    • 英文翻中文 機械類

      ...of the straight-line portion of the curve.Regardless of the name ,this modulus is an indication of the stiffness of the material when subjected to a ten-sile load. The stiffness...

    • 請大家幫忙英中翻的問題 急

      ... to mean that you are open and honest , while looking away is interpereted as an indication of insincerity or dishonesty. 好的眼神接觸被看做你是敞開的而且誠實的,而到處看則...