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    • 請高手教教angry的用法

      angry 後面接with+某人 angry 後面接at+某人之言行 angry 後面接about+某事 Don’t be angry with me. I didn’t mean it. (with+某人) He was angry at being kept waiting. (at+某人之言行)

    • 我想請問一下for的後面為何不加主祠後面接ing? me用at是口語。正式寫法是用with。 2012-10-26 18:43:21 補充: angry about/at/over something angry with somebody 所以你不能寫He is angry about me.而是He is angry with me. 介系詞可以有自己...

    • 一些英文的介係詞???

      ...廣 就生活中常見和實用性較高來回答 be worried about be excited about be interested in be satisfied with be bored with be filled with be angry withbe angry atbe tired of be afraid of be aware of be full of be sure of be worthy of...