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  1. be annoyed with

    • ph.
      被...惹煩, 惹惱
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    • ph.
    • 1. 被...惹煩, 惹惱

      I am annoyed with him for saying that I am a fool. 我因他說我是一個傻瓜而覺得氣惱。


    被...惹煩, 惹惱

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    • 英文介詞的差別

      ...heavy stone. 這條狼是被人用一塊大石頭砸死的。 但是 annoy with ex: He was annoyed with the children. 他對這些孩子生氣。(表和誰生氣,對誰生氣用with) annoy...

    • 片語的意思 是啥阿 ?

      ... with 與..熟悉 be addicted to 沉溺於... be annoyed with 與..生氣 be associated with 與...有關聯 be bore with...

    • 急需~英文翻譯><” 懇請各位幫幫忙 謝謝

      I resided at your hotel and was annoyed with the air-conditioning system. It couldn't really cool my room...