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    • 瀕臨死亡的 英文 怎麼說~~????? going to die.The zebra is about to die.The zebra is approaching death.

    • (急)幫英文翻譯ˇ ˇ廢除死刑論點

      ...死刑是應該的,但當達成此條件時,以微乎極微的冤獄可能性否定死刑並不合理。Death penalty can be approach very cautiously: such as murdering with solid evidence and not be sentence to death...

    • Unbeknownst to the men ...??

      ... stray near that dark and web-strewn place is certain death, for the Forest Goblins will stop at nothing to destroy any interlopers who dare approach it.在黑暗和網狀分佈(就是道路複雜)的地方迷路...