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    be astonished at

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    • 英文翻中文~謝謝

      I was astonished at this extraordinary program that composes very good poem. 我的文思泉湧構成這首好詩真是驚為天人呀 Here is one fresh from my fingertips. 正如這是我剛剛手擬的詩

    • 請問幫忙多想一些情緒動詞

      be amazed at be astonished at be annoyed with be anguished over be pleased with be...

    • 英文情緒動詞

      ...stun) victory. 31.The fall _stunned (stun) him. 32.We were astonished (astonish) at the news of her sudden death. 33.It was astonishing (astonish...