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  1. be driving at

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      意在, 意指, 打算
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    • 1. 意在, 意指, 打算 What are you driving at? 你是什麼意思呢? I wish I knew what they were really driving at. 我希望我能知道他們真實的意圖。
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      在...方面差(不好) He is poor at English, but good at French. 他英文不好, 但法文不錯。
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      善於 She was adept at playing tennis. 她擅長打網球。
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      精通; 熟練 She is proficient at this art. 她精通這種技藝。
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      對...感到高興(或滿意) I am pleased at your coming. 你來我很高興。
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      被...嚇一跳 The little girl was terrified at the deafening explosion. 那小女孩被震耳欲聾的爆炸聲嚇了一跳。
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      被...惹煩, 惹生氣 I am annoyed at his remark. 他的言論令我生氣。
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      不擅長 He was bad at translation. 他不擅長翻譯。
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      因...而生氣 I was angry at his slipshod work. 我對他草率的工作感到生氣。
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      對...感到吃驚, 意外 I was surprised at his winning the race. 我對他競賽獲勝感到驚奇。
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    • We are at the races.怎麼翻譯?

      we are at the races 我們在競賽當中 It is a great day at the races 真是個競賽的好日子 prefer 偏愛之意 I do prefer to go by train 我寧願坐火車去 first second third 加 the沒錯

    • It is at your option to stay

      ...take care of her child. 為了照顧孩子,她別無選擇,只好辭職。 It is at your option to stay or leave. 去留隨你的便。

    • Your computer might be at risk

      這並不代表你中毒 只是給你警訊 表示"你的電腦可能遭受(病毒)之類的危險" 電腦出現這類的警訊 通常是因為沒有防毒系統 或者防火牆被關掉的因素