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    • 有關英文片語的中文意思

      ... five golf competitions in thre months, a year after being at death's door. 一年前他還快死了, 但是他在三個月內已經贏得了五次高爾夫球賽. out of...

    • 死神跟惡魔的英文

      ...;<慣用語>> at death's door 垂死; 重傷 be the death of (someone) 令人難過; 盛怒 put to;> 1 出沒; 不斷糾纏 2 ((口語)) 代筆; 捉刀 was hired to ghost the memoirs of a...

    • 請幫檢查這三個句子寫得正確嗎^^

      ...他被艾密利使用砒霜毒死。 改為 He was poisoned to death by Emily with arsenic. 3 He appeared at Emily's back door of the kitchen the last times. 他最後一...