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    • 英文選擇題3題: in sync with

      ... they want to do is update their status... and fail to live ______ the real world. (A) in harmony with (B) in peace with (C) in accordance...s playing the piano at the music hall, and I...

    • 英文高手幫一下英文情書喔

      ... thought that the whole world had abandoned... thought to just be alone, by myself. 100% better, but at least I am at peace with everything and with myself...

    • 這篇英文作文的錯誤地方在哪(15)

      ...fight on the earth. 這一句修正為 with peace 應改為 at peace :和平相處 If we can live together at peace, there will be no fight on earth. 使用假設語氣,前後時式要一致。另外 in the world = on earth. All in all, if...