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  1. be at the end of one's rope

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      山窮水盡; 智窮力竭
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    • 1. 山窮水盡; 智窮力竭

      I've been looking after four young children all day and I am really at the end of my rope! 我整天都在照料四個小孩, 確實已筋疲力盡了!

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      ...theae shoes hurt my feet. l'm at the end of my rope. 什麽事啊臉這麽臭? 哎, 你看看我 - 頭髮...cut out for music. The piano lessons are hard for me. 哇, 你鋼琴彈得好好喔 我...

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      ...end of one's rope 計窮力竭 She's at the end of her rope over...當中 The enemy were at the mercy of ...吹走 The roof of the house was blown away in...

    • 下列英文的中文意思 mute as a fish 像魚一樣一聲不響 show one's colours 表明某人的觀點 be at the end of one's rope 某人已經智窮力竭 shut one's eyes against 假裝不看見