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    be born with

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    • 英文講稿文法檢查

      Grenouille was born with no scent of his own, but his sense of smell... first saw the movie, I was fascinated with the scenes, which were a little bit ...

    • 簡單中翻英 "我天生皮膚就很黑" 英文怎麼說?

      我天生皮膚就很黑. I was born with dull skin. My skin has...quot; ---> 34400 hits "born swarthy" ---> 102 hits Both are good, but the former is more...

    • 天生的 英文怎麼說

      她的自然捲髮是不是天生的? Was she born with natural curly hair? 你的金髮是天生的嗎? curly? (X) 是人出生, 不是頭髮出生. Were you born with curly hair? (O)