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  1. be born yesterday

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    • ”英文作文” (呼叫英文達人高手)

      You were not born yesterday, as well as therefore you have to learn how to distinguish right...需要學吧, 你應該要會分辨了 所以我認為是 You were not born yesterday, so you should be able to distinguish right or wrong on ...

    • Thanks?!

      你英文老師說得對 Thanks 是 Thank you 的簡寫 I was not born yesterday. 我不是昨天才出生的 (意思有點類似 '你別想唬我' ) You are the...

    • 英文口語化翻譯(急用)

      1. I wasn't born yesterday. 我不是昨天才出生的. 意謂=> 不要想欺騙我或我不是笨蛋的意思. 2. You are the boss. 你是老板. 意謂=> 什麼都聽你的. 你決定就好! 3. He...