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    • busy 後面是省略in還是 with

      你的老師沒有錯 be busy + (in) + Ving 忙於做~ I am busy (in) doing my research. 另外 busy 後面也可以加名詞 be busy + with + N 忙於~事 此with不可省略 I am busy with my research. FY.I.

    • 國中英文: Is everyone busy? 簡答?

      Is everyone busy in town? I think the answer is 1.Yes, they are. 因為...

    • 英文翻譯加合併 20點

      The traffic is busy in Taipei.台北交通很擁擠 The traffic is...的姐姐嗎? do you want to understant my sister more who is living in Taipei? 2.這裡有數以千計關於王建民的網站 there...