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  1. be busy with

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    • 1. 忙於 She is always busy with her needle and thread. 她總是忙於縫紉。



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    • be busy with

      You shall say "be busy with" needs to follow with an "object"...follow with a "noun clause", for example: I am busy with what my teacher has assigned...

    • be busy withbe busy at的差別?

      busy with/at/over 在後面都可以加名詞意思都是說正忙於什麼事情。busy with/at/over 三者在用法和意思上都沒有 busy (in) + Ving 正忙於. He...

    • 幫忙分析一下英文句子(has been及was)

      1:Today I has been busying with one thing or another. 2:Today ...表示現在還住在那) 可改成I've been busy with something for all day. 第二句沒有錯...