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  1. be careful with

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      當心; 對...十分仔細; 注意
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    • 1. 當心; 對...十分仔細; 注意 Be more careful with your work. 對你的工作要更加仔細。


    當心; 對...十分仔細; 注意


    「當心; 對...十分仔細; 注意」的反義字

  2. 知識+

    • 祈使句改寫

      Be careful with the cup.裡的介系詞片語with the cup是用來修飾be careful的[修飾語],屬副詞性質,提供其條件。但Be careful the cup.這裡的名詞the cup和前面的be careful無法建立任何句構的關係。 Be careful not to drop it.裡的不定詞片語not to...

    • 急~~ be careful 後面的介係詞!!!!!

      ...關係如下: careful +介系詞+(代)名詞 He is careful in speech. He is careful with words. careful (+介系詞in)+doing 是:[對...]慎重的,小心的,通常可...

    • 關於 Being 的用法

      ... was careful not to look(C) when he stabbed her with the sword.= Being careful not to look, Peter stabbed her with the sword.最後把全部的...