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    be careless of

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    • ph. 疏忽,不注意…

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    • ph. 不關心,不在乎,不講究…

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    • ph. 不顧後果

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  2. 知識+

    • being文法

      ...being late A lot of mistakes are caused by [his being careless.] 很多錯誤是[他不小心]造成的 he is careless > his being...

    • 英翻中(Being a careless......)

      1.Being a careless fellow,he forgot all about it. 由於生性粗枝大葉,他完全忘了有這件事 2.The train being late,she waited. 火車誤點, 她只好在月臺鵠候

    • i couldn't careless/care less?

      It shoud be "I couldn't be careless" 譯作 我可不能漠不關心 (or隨隨便便的) 但是 I couldn't care less...

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