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    be careless of

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    • being文法

      ...他遲到(這件事) he is late > his being late A lot of mistakes are caused by [his being careless.] 很多錯誤是[他不小心]造成的 he is careless > his being...

    • 敘述不定詞時的介係詞使用

      ...kind of you to show me around the town. You are kind. It was careless of you to make such a mistake. 改成感歎句:How careless of you to make such a...

    • 文法例句 It is natural for you to

      ...quot; 是事情的形容詞 所以後面是for e.g. good, delicious, terrible..... It is adj. (人) of you to V. 只要形容詞是形容"人的氣質" 後面就要用"of" "careless" 是人不小心 不是事情 所以後面會用of e.g. : foolish, stupid, pretty, beautiful...