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  1. be cast away

    • ph.
      be stranded after a shipwreck
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    • 英文主動詞不一致的問題(想得知詳解)

      ...是表示一件事,動詞用單數 is。 [4. some of the furniture is to be cast away.為什麼動詞是單數] 英語有幾個字,用中文想,很難明白為什麼是不可數名詞...

    • Noble Poth

      It is a very good deed to cast away greed and to cherish a mind of charity. 拋去貪念,心懷慈悲是很好的行為。 ...

    • 請幫我訂正英文作文

      ...plan. Suddenly ,they saw a huge shadow of a monster. They were so scared that they cast away their ice cream. As they were preparing to to run away...