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    be cast in a ... mould

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    • 幫幫我翻譯一下 casting pattern

      ...aggregate. 一個沙箱是包含成型聚合的箱子。 A core is a sand shape that is inserted into the mold to produce internal features in a casting, such as holes or passages. 一個核心是砂的形狀, 在鑄造時被插入...

    • 有關沙模鑄造英文翻譯!?急!

      ...通常比較不貴。 Instead of a permanent pattern, evaporative pattern casting uses an expendable foam pattern (often polystyrene), which is embedded in the sand mold. 消失模鑄造法不使用永久模型,而是...

    • CCSS Alignment Matrix翻譯

      Alignment Matrix=to be aligned in a matrix=mould for a casting =arrange in line, line up, place in line, straighten up, America aligns...