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  1. be close to

    • ph.
      近似; 類似
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    • 1. 近似; 類似 Aid is close to help in meaning. “Aid”的意思和“help”相近。


    近似; 類似


    「近似; 類似」的反義字

    • ph.


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    • being close and...

      ...結構也有不妥之處, 宜寫成: During this time, people not only enjoy the moment being close with others, but they also have time to take a nap in the middle of the day...

    • ”is closed to”有哪些意思?

      "is close to"才是"接近"的意思,這裡的"is closed to"...close"的被動形式,意思是"關閉,封鎖"。 例:"The road is closed to traffic" =>"這條路禁止通行" 原文應該是說"阻斷氣體交換...

    • [where關副] is will be closed to

      ...of the museum where the sinkhole is will be closed to the public. 請問這句是怎麼組成的? "...不會不見了 然後再回來的.所以一定要用"closed to be public" "open to the public". 2014-03...