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    be concerned about

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    • concern的用法 勿刪!!!!

      ...有關, 跟文法比較沒關. 你所列出這兩點都是對的: (a) be concerned with = concern = be about = 和...有關 (b) be concerned about=be concerned for = be ...

    • 英文文法問題 be concerned about ???

      這句話是『我們應為祖國擔憂。』 【備註】 "be concerned about "是片語, 『擔心、擔憂』之意,相當於"be worry about" 例句:"...

    • 句子結構 請專家幫忙!!! 感激 不盡!!!

      More and more people are concerned about the change in the global climate (which is...有個by是被動語態 6.are concerned about the change 不是被動,這種情緒動詞...