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    • 急求英文造句!!

      1. The math question was so confusing that I had no idea how to solve it...困惑,困惑到我都不知道怎麼解了 2. It was very embarrassing to trip on the ...

    • 關於國中英文的一些問題

      ...用了 就不用背了啊 2007-08-26 22:24:19 補充: 4.講義上寫的是: 主詞(人)+be confused+by/with/about+物/V-ing~. 呵呵 英文又改版了啊~~以前不能用 about...

    • 急 幫幫我英文造句~~~~~~~~~

      ... basketball.  (我對籃球很感興趣) 2. It's relaxed smile.  (這是個輕鬆的微笑) 3. My sister easily gets confused.  (我妹妹容易迷糊) 4. They were all very pleased with the news.  (他們聽到那消息都很高興) 5. The exhibition stimulated interest in the artist's work...