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  1. be confused about

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    • 1. 對...感到困惑 He was confused about the question and did not know how to answer. 他對這個問題感到困惑, 不知道如何回答。





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    • I am confused about cd-826

      ... a 無敵cd-826 electric dictionary recently? Why do you try to reset it if it is a new one? I only reset my electric dictionary when it didn’t work right...

    • The question is about grammar

      ...唄 2005-02-04 00:52:47 補充: *Thank you every one to wouk out my confuse. That must be so praise. 別介意 我改了你的句子 文法有錯 後面那句我不懂你想表達的意思...

    • 情緒形容後的介係詞?? 附加問句??

      1. be confused with A 是被A搞糊塗了 be confused about B 是困惑有關B的事 2. be disappointed in be ...