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    be convinced of

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    • 請給我「convince」例句

      ... to convince me of its true.鮑伯試圖使我相信它的真實性5.人+ be + convinced+ of + N →He is convinced of its truth.他深信這...

    • 英文被動式的問題

      I am convinced of his honesty.是被動式,這個句子的主詞〔我...addict 2009-08-09 19:41:40 補充: As they are running short of food, they are obliged to cut down other...

    • [英文]幫忙翻譯成中文 要口語化

      No one needs to be convinced of Carlos Slim's business acumen. 所有的人都相信卡洛斯斯利姆的...