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  1. be dead set on

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    • 1. 決心(做...) He is dead set on getting a new job. 他打定主意要找個新工作。



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    • 英文片語字彙題 (急問)

      ... his speech to the cabinet, the finance minister was up-front about the challenges and errors...錯誤。 (a)level-headed with 平衡;靜心以待 (c)dead set on 執意 (d)awe-struck with 充滿敬畏

    • 急急急~急需翻譯(中翻英)”愛情沒有假期”中的話 bad to you, your neglect willfully, she is good to you, you completely are dead set on, had not thought completely actually she does not suit you. 5...

    • 英文翻譯題目,不要用翻譯機

      ...設有一條靜態通路, 以防止彼此建立友鄰傳輸關係。 D. The hello and dead interval timers are not set to the same values on R1 and R3. R1與R3上的數據包傳送確認計時器必須不同...