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    be desirous to

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    • leave on the ..(date)

      I am urgently desirous of traveling to lahore of pakistan for the following reason..我迫切渴望到巴基斯坦拉合爾旅行...

    • 請幫我修改我的英文自傳!!

      ...letdown for me, but now I have an opportunity to go to Sichuan to join courses on the disaster, I am desirous of experiencing the vibration of the world outside the hospital, which I...

    • 英文的開發信~請給點意見

      ...避免 且we take the honor的用法比較激進 改噓主詞會更口語 2一般英文是沒有we are desirous的用法 所以我改成would like to, 後面 in the future語意似乎不夠強 建議改為上面的說法. 3相關資訊不需要用understand...