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    • 請問為什麼被動會省略「be」動詞?

      ... helped build a new one.」 請問最後二句被動式,為什麼不寫「was destroyed」 而省略了「was」動詞,變成只有「destroyed」 因為以上這兩句根本...

    • 請高手幫我翻譯 what money can't buy

      god was destroying the chinese people. 神在摧毁中國人. in the spring of 1949,peiping,the cultural center...中心 其最具色彩的城市, 落入共產黨手中. groups of refugees were seen everywhere rushing out of the city gates.the airports...

    • 英文形容詞子句問題~

      你問的這句, 它的原句是: The car which carried the bomb was destroyed in the blast. 省略掉which, carried改成Ving --> carring, 就成了...