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    be difficult of approach

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    • (英翻中)誰能幫我看一下哪裡有錯!?

      *****原文***** Be cooperative. In hard times, it is difficult to focus on the shared goals of employer and employee. Yet, maintaining an attitude of cooperation and a team approach can make your days more positive and rewarding. Communicate...

    • 請教各問英文達人(增點20)英文作文問題

      ... will be difficult for you for two your schedule that are not immediately go to a movie instead of studying calculus ( Two general approaches to weekly scheduling...

    • 拜託...英文翻一下囉

      ...欺騙表達事實未被發現的新奇謊言掩藏在每日對象和behavior.This "experimental"approach 之內, 然而, 當奪取媒介和各種各樣的個體的同情, 傾向於難把變成商業成功...