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    be disloyal to

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    • 麻煩幫忙翻譯這兩句原文(贈15點)

      ...未來的研究可以細想 "忠實" 與 "不忠實" 顧客之間的差異。Are those who like to "experiment", for instance, truly "disloyal"?例如,那些喜歡 "嘗試" 的 (顧客) 真的 "不忠實" 嗎?

    • 急!劇本需要中翻英(我不要線上翻釋的東西唷~20點)(1)

      ... person, he cries out for justice at first, he is because of being framed up by the disloyal minister, so walk to the seaside a person alone, want to relax originally, but who know the …… Qu-...

    • 原文翻譯四句(贈20點)

      ...research design asked the respondents to identify the main e-store for a product they purchase。 As a result, dissatisfied and disloyal customers may be slightly underrepresented. 因此,不滿意意及不忠實的...