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    • 中翻英~一小段~幫個忙~急件

      Each person likes the thing is dissimilar. Is together the pattern, perhaps was not must... this many study study this stories character, this is a good story. 應該是這樣啦!!

    • 尋找這一大段話的翻譯

      ... to me too remotely. He gives my love not to be dissimilar with you, I am impossible the friendship to work as love. He ...

    • 請問這二句英文的中文是什麼

      ...obnoxious, we dislike them more if they are like us than when they are dissimilar. 當一對夫妻不只是相像,而是幾乎一模一樣時,似乎有些東西就有必要了...