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    • 煩請英翻中~感恩(有關申請in-state-student)

      ... for an indefinite period of time and without restriction on the maintenance of a foreign domicile may be eligible for an in-state classification as defined in Section 3. ...

    • 求救 請將西班牙文翻成英文

      ...with NID 41,924,441 H, whose address is Calle Los Barros 41, Los....L. (hereinafter called DOLUSA) domiciled **DNI 是西班牙文得縮寫,英文是NID...

    • 證券市場資訊(瑞士)的英文翻譯

      ...separately. Pending and failing trades are automatically removed from SIS after 20 calendar...reciprocal rights in the foreign investor's business domicile. 外國投資人不能持有任一瑞士銀行主要股份,除非瑞士...