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    be drunk with excitement

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    • 三篇英文故事翻譯 eight and started our trip with excitement. We arrived at our...12:00 and ate cookies and drinks on the grass, it was very delightful. After a while, there...

    • 幫忙翻譯關於酒駕法律的短文(20點)

      ... drivers, with slow reaction and impaired judgement of speed and distance, are very likely to cause avoidable serious...irresponsible, unethical and selfish act to drink and drive. Gaining excitement from drink driving at...

    • 急~~明天早上九點前 誰可以給我ㄧ篇英文版的鬼故事(20點)

      ... to be trouble. Right from the start I could see what he was. American, charming, arrogant and different. Hello excitement, goodbye dependability. In the space of a minute I'd lost her...