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  1. be man enough to do (or for)

    • ph.
      be brave enough to do
    • 相關詞
    • ph.
      be brave enough to do

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • each of which???

      ...easy that we can get along with him", you can also write it as: He is easy enough for us to get along with. 2012-03-29 13:13:55 補充: The reason you don...

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      1 set is enough for 1 day - 4 are way too many. ...between groups (or individual) that can be enforced legally by certain jurisdictions. agreement: a general term for any parties, formal and informal, openly...

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      ...希望這對你來說足夠了 2. 我希望這對你已算足夠了 I hope that this is good enough for you. 或是可以在以下情況下使用: 1. 我希望在這麼燦爛的陽光下能夠照足你...