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    be esteemed for

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    • 請幫我修改英文自我介紹

      ...sincerely hope that you will give me this job opportunity. At work, I am a high esteem for the work I am responsible for it. I am also have positive attitude...

    • self-respect, self-esteem

      self-esteem is the overall evaluation or appraisal of one's own worth. 中文是自尊 self...一句話是這樣說的 no self-respecting man will ever ask a woman for money 雖然這是老式的想法啦 但是他的翻譯是 有尊嚴的男人不會...

    • [求助] 我的作文麻煩請高手再次幫我批改~(第二次修正)

      .... But man would think that he has lost his self-esteem for being controlled by a woman. He could not be generous to treat his...