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    be excited to anger

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    • 這是介紹金屬音樂的開頭

      ...might make listeners become excited by its strong beat as well as fast speed. The metal music is normally faster than &ldquo...about death, enmities, and anger that might offend some moral ...

    • 請幫我用英文寫一小段文章~~~有題目喔!! like medicine. Different music has different purpose. When being in a bad mood, I would like to listen to some rock music. Through this kind of music, my anger can disappear. On the contrary, I will listen to classical music if I...

    • 英文解答及文法

      1.我覺得怪怪的... 2.A,被動句:S+be+p.p. 3.C,數以百計的... 4.D,原句:Bruce started to do his homework after he took a bath. 前後主詞一致,若要省略主詞...