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  1. be expecting

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    • 1. 【口】【婉】懷孕 I hear Sally is expecting again. 我聽說薩莉又有身孕了。
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      可能發生; 相當正常 A little tiredness after taking these drugs is only to be expected. 服下這些藥後會有些疲倦。 It is only to be expected your son will leave home eventually. 兒子總歸要離開家的, 這種事很難免。
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    • be expected to & should 一樣嗎?

      .... 她很沮喪。 I am very very interested. 我很有興趣。 be expected to, be supposed to, be obliged to 也一樣。翻譯起來,用"...

    • 英文文法構句問題

      ... Phelps, as had been expected, fulfilled his goal of...子句的主詞, 關係子句的動詞是had been expected. 訂正: 這個as稱為準關代(quasi-relative pronoun...

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