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    be familiar to

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    • be familiar to 的問題?

      a. (形容詞 adjective) 1. 世所周知的;熟悉的;常見的;普通的[(+to)] Your face seems familiar. 你看上去很面熟。 2. (某人)熟悉(某事)的,通曉...的[F][(+with)] I am of course familiar with your work. 我當然熟悉你的工作。

    • be familiar with

      be familiar with 的主詞是人 I am familiar with her brother. be familiar to 的主詞是物 The facts are familiar to me. become failmliar...

    • Which of the ways of .........

      ... of the ways of teaching reading are familiar to you?Were you taught to read using one... understand the meaning of the article. It is no point to read so fast.