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    • 急需!飛機上空服員的介紹詞(英文版)

      ...emergency exits located on the left and right sides respectively.They are identified by the exit ...attendant is demonstrating. Fasten the straps and pull tight...

    • 煩請協助英文翻譯急需~~

      .../fasten for your shpt on Jan/09'. Please ask factory do follow the correct loading /fasten or shipping line wl reject the container...) this wood layer support should be lain from front panel to door end...

    • 關於時態的 has healed/ were to plan

      ...答案也可用現在式。cannot fasten。表示已穿了的結果。 這裡用will not fasten,是表示將發生的事實。 用be going to 用於「已計劃好將做事」,往往是「人」當主詞才是。這裡...